Sunday, April 20, 2014

[R]GARAGE site unmaintained... D'Oh!

Believe it or not, it's been awhile since I updated my site with new stuffs, but not including newer stuffs you've seen in this blog. I've been very busy in real life and it pretty much dumps my time to maintain my site and update all sections with new downloads. Yup, you don't see Grupard on my site yet... I've been showing disinterest in updating the site because I have no idea when I can update the site. The only thing that grows my disinterest is how my internet load the Site Editor and time constraints. Even my 1GB midday quota always run out for less than one week, and Wi-Fi connections... Well, they don't do justice for me, even if they're fast. :(

[R]GARAGE still in its natrual life form... Not really updated -_-

I also don't feel good with the site's style. Sure that HTML5 is the best, but somehow the way my site looks and the interaction overall somehow doesn't fully suit me 100%. It's not that I hate my own site, but somehow I need something which design and interaction overall suit me. Plus, I'm still thinking of how to put a picture without it being a gallery. If there's such option on Wix, I can work it out and that means it'll undergo a total revamp.

One thing that I want to have in my site is the same layout like this official site of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series. From its first installment to the most recent WMMT5 (in Japan and some parts of Asia. Indonesia still has MT4), it keeps its layout like that, and I'm considering my site to follow such layout. But didn't my old site RendyTUNED also had such layout? I thought this will go down as a consistency to-die-for, especially when I found out that each brand has a consistency of layouts between its print ads and its websites (if they have one).

But there were things that have been past prior to this post, and I've experienced them all. There were also projects and some to-bes that are in their WIP phase.


Despite all the bombshell, the Kickstarter Alpha demo of GeneRally 2 is out already! Now you can taste all the sweets GR2 has promised, including cars with more polies, day/night cycle, and new looks on objects. I can say that the team has done great job in doing this game, and am really looking forward for the finished product. Or, if I have a mean to "Pledge" this game, I could pledge as many as 20+ plays of Maximum Tune 4, Indonesian server, where a game is worth IDR 8.750 the cheapest.

Ladies and GENEtlemen, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived!

Although the demo they served a long time ago isn't perfect, they have an all-out effort to perfect the game to not only give a new life to a game with humble beginnings in the hands of Rabina brothers, but also retain what the first GR had: simple, no-nonsense, in-your-face, gameplay. There's no need for car setups yet you could make your own car and model it by yourself, and trackmaking in this game is progressively addictive as you play with Landmaps first and then Objects, Height maps, and to some extent, Landmap arts. You could even make your own object just by combining several objects at once, just like how the Track of Month-winning authors!

My own review for the GR2 should come soon after this blog!

Winners of the Karawaci Tourney on 22nd March. Once again, Infamous dominated, yet MVI's Aulia broke their dominance by placing second. (Image courtesy of Indonesian WMMT Community @ FB)

Days back, I've also participated in another Maximum Tune 4 tournament, this time held at Supermall Karawaci. The result is pretty much the same; me being phased out in the second round and Infamous once again took the domination. No surprise indeed, except that one of the Infamous guys handled the commentary duty instead of myself. I guess he handled it well even though one of his friends said that my way of commentary is still better, and the part that he funnily counted down the final meters of every race he commentated (read: wrong counts) was very hilarious and entertaining.

Yet there's another catch to be happening at Supermall Karawaci: tag team tournament. Yup, there's a plan about an MT4 tag team tournament in works, and now they are seeking sponsors, collecting prize pools, etc. Malaysia also had their own MT4 tag team tournament that claimed to be a "Tournament that concludes all tournaments".

Taken from an MT4-related FB page: Hi everyone! KL , Malaysia will be having a tag team competition on June 7 and 8.
64 teams draw lots to 4 teams per group. Play C1 against each other. Top 2 advances to stage 32.
32 teams draw again and play same format as 64.
Best of 16 onwards will play knockout on C1 , Osaka , Hakone until finals
Finals will play 5 maps
1st - RM 3000 (Cash) + Trophy + Cert + Other goodies TBD
2nd - RM 1000 (cash) + Trophy + Cert + Other Goodies TBD
3rd - RM 200 (In game credits) + Cert + Other Goodies TBD


GAH! Why can't Maximum Tune 4 be an international e-sport already and spread the game around the world now? How about a The International-styled MT tournament between teams from around the world? Seeing Asia-Pacific competitors is sure exciting, but more exciting with more parts of the world able to enjoy MT4, but is it really possible? I don't think so; will they accept the way of... *cough* Networked Arcade?


While I have dumped Al Dasein 2013 due to the fact that I disliked how the Height map made one of the corners "bumpy" and that I can't think of the decent parking space at the bottom of the track, plus the fact that GRHmEdie (GR Hmap Editor by Mlynki) hates tracks version 1.20 above, PLUS I'm too lazy to do it all over again, I'm working on a WS 120 temporary street course, with finally a rapid WIP progress never achieved by any WIP of mine! I've never, ever, enjoyed playing with environments for this track \\:D//

The course you're seeing here is set in a park which has a circuit section of its own. The course traverses from the circuit to the streets, which actually are one-way roads. There's a chicane when you drive the second road and left hairpin follows after. The rest of the track is full of hairpins.

One thing I enjoyed from making this track however is the fact that I emphasized the environment on the right side before I can further my progress. You see, the buildings are inspired by buildings you'll be familiar with if you're living in New York, and so does the park. But does that mean that it's set in New York? Hmm...

Things left to do are persons on the paddock area and the road lines, with everything done except for AI lines. Learning to what Haruna did with the AI line to my Grupard via Skype, I will also try to make the decent AI line so that racers will be given a tough time trying to overtake a full field of cars! Hopefully this track will be finished if the condition permits me :)

From above to below: Okayama Circuit, Nippon Highlands V2, and a Sarthe-Inspired track

Meanwhile there's more Japanese goodness for Turbo Sliders as I have planned on making two more tracks set in Japan; the second version of Nippon Highlands, and Okayama Circuit. As I disliked the flow of the first Highlands, I decided to create another one that would have a better flow than the first version had, having experienced helping Lanz on making the Show Event course for PTM's second season. Despite not using my version, at least he knew how the checkpoints for this Show Even work, the same for Okayama. Only this time, as Okayama is a real-life track, I think it's safe to say that it's going to be my second real-life circuit after Tsukuba. I thought I could do Circuit of The Americas for SCARTS races but, well...

Under the two Japanese tracks is yet another track: a TSE-styled track inspired by Circuit de la Sarthe! I guess that the TSE style will be the standard for most tracks whose layouts are done in Photoshop. Other than that, the tracks are still WIP, with all of their kerbs are being worked by the time of this post.

Also, take note that I still owe myself a blog post about how I make skins for various games, including for TrackMania United Forever and GTR 2. I've been making so many skins yet I haven't show the world how they look like. The one you're seeing here is a TMUF representation of an FD RX-7 made by ..., with a skin that you should recognize from Gran Turismo series, especially first two installments. Know what that is? Yup! RX-7 FD LM Edition! Even though that they might won't be totally following the actual livery, I guess this should be a good representation of the old style LM Edition livery. :D

Until next time, folks! Will be posting about my GR2 experience after this! :)



  1. Is Nippon Highlands inspired by Suzuka? I see some similarities...

    1. Yup, it is. It's Suzuka without the crossover :p