Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Yours Truly Tale of MiniRacingOnline

My birthday has passed almost a week ago (15th October), and on the same week, it's been five years since I upload all my RendyTUNED-era creations. Time really goes fast and looking back at those stuffs, I can't help but wanted to remake almost all of them. Like I said in earlier posts, my trackmaking in Turbo Sliders back then was subpar compared to others.

But this time, I won't post about Turbo Sliders, rather I decided to post about my experiences in yet another top down racing game, this time it's called MiniRacingOnline, a top-down Formula 1 simulator made in Spain by Kotai. It is a top-down game unlike others: one of its most stand out features is the ability to set your car in the race like in real life, albeit limited to gearing and control settings. Not only that, it also features tire compounds (soft, hard and wet), weather effects and AIs with set personalities that can also pit. Recent versions added KERS and DRS systems to the game, and future version would include day/night cycle and the new SDL2 engine usage where, now, the map moves per your car's movement just like in classic racing games on older gaming consoles. It's been a long time I haven't touched this game, while I knew this game roughly six years ago when I was just browsing the net and stumbled upon this.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Round-up: Site Redesign, More TS Features, GR Race recaps, Oh My!

Well, opening up the first October post is a Round-up that reports things that I'm up into and recaps things I have been into. So many happenings happen between the last post and this post. This post will underline yet new features implemented in the future version of Turbo Sliders as well as showcasing a new car of mine while writing something about implementing an all-new physics which doesn't involve an antislide value of 7. Also in this post is the recap of what I've been through in GR competitions I'm joining in. All that and a special bit of paragraphs following these topics. But first thing's first: the non top-down racing game-centered post...