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INSIDE THE MALL: Cilandak Town Square - RIP Timezone Citos

Welcome to Cilandak Town Square! aka Citos!
After a long while, I thought maybe I should continue my "Inside the Mall" series after I posted one a year ago. Well technically it's months away from being a year but who cares? Ramadan is coming, and I remember I posted that in Ramadan too. Furthermore, I can't just focus to the malls nearby my home, and in fact, I no longer am active in that mall anymore since the newest update is that while the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+ there costs three coins and one coin is worth IDR 1500, I don't have a choice but to leave that place unless I want to take crowns there (I remember that I want to be the fastest in my area, starting from Parung).

Time is very fast; now that I'm in college, there are nearby malls with MT3DX+cabs near my college like Cinere Mall, Bintaro Plaza, Pondok Indah Mall, and Cilandak Town Square. This opens a new world for me to explore and that I wanted to live my life like it's 2007 onwards. And this time, to make sure that "Inside the Mall" series is meant to be random posts with interesting sentences to read and not too much focusing about MT3DX+ cabs nearby my home, my next destination is Cilandak Town Square!

So what is Citos? It was opened in 2002 and is meant to be a mall with a Town Square concept. Hmm...

But there are restaurants everywhere! Are you sure it's a "mall" or something?

The first time I went there is in 2004 with my father, my elementary years, where I had encounters with some childhood series characters. After some sightseeing there, I hopped in into its Timezone where it had Maximum Tune / 2 (CMIIW) at the moment. And that is where it is my first time that I drive in manual with 6-speed transmission. That was the time I was unaware of Maximum Tune until the day, in 2007, where I was staying at one of my relatives' house in Tangerang area and went to Supermall Karawaci to play some MT and finally get a card in which the card I made is a bayside blue Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II aka the BNR34 I continually use until NOW.

The exterior of Timezone in Citos... Too far much?
Due to Maximum Tune series, the mall's Timezone was heralded as one of Indonesia's most crowded arcade game centers, not to mention it opens until 2AM (according to some players who played there), and since then it was the main appeal for MT fans alike, and guys there won't reluctant to give their seats to other guys before they have finished their "business" with the machine. In fact, other than MT cabs and any other cabs as well as some animal data carddas games, there were Sega Rally 3 cabinets before they were replaced by another racing game cabs whose name I can't tell you due to its too high mainstream level.... I think this place was the only one with Sega Rally 3 in it.

The left magazine once made the right one a recommendation, and so it happens... I was going to post this on my Livejournal but well, I post it here nonetheless... It was bought months ago, November 2012 for exact. Granted, there were two copies available and a copy cost 229K if my memory served me right. And just what's that thing on the middle?
It was also the time that I bought the thing on the right of your screen. Speaking about magazines, there are two places where you can find imported magazines/books/novels there: the one near the Foodmart, and the other located on the upper floor. I bought this because as a fan of fandom I have to take many opportunity before it's gone forever. Furthermore, there aren't very many copies sold here in my country...

Also, Citos is known for having lots of restaurants; it's all up to your tastebuds. There are various restaurants to keep you starving, ranging from fast foods, traditional, to modern cuisines. The price ranges can be quite high, but less than 200K if I'm not mistaken. Furthermore, you could also have a hangout place for you and your friends/family, and you could even taste a wood-fired pizza there.

A diner and a chain bread restaurant (it's not just a bread restaurant though!) seen here. Not pictured above them is a Burger-related fast food chain.
The flooring is also quite meaningful; it's got this "Sun to the moon" flooring which orange paint sadly got worn out now. It's all now black and white, and the detailed painting of the crescent moon has turned into a mere grey silhouette. Just compare Citos in the past and the present (this can also be seen on my previous pics...)

The map of Citos itself. You could see that this map shows the exact flooring colors before their colors worn out nowadays.

Sadly as I posted this blog, the Timezone at Citos has been closed for good. All the arcades there are crying and uncertain where the arcade master would take them to. In place of this place, there might be a boutique sooner or later after all arcades there are gone. And it turns out TZ is not the only victim there; Cilandak 21 is also closed and is now replaced by a gym, still under construction as this post is made.

Here's how the arcades' tears sum up:
"Dear Customers, we sadly inform you that the TZ CITOS is permanently closed, we would like to thank you for all your loyalty for the last eleven years. Your remaining credits in your TZ card here will be transferred to the nearest TZ center at Pondok Indah Mall (2nd floor) and will be active as of 4th July 2013. We are looking forward for your presence either in our nearest center or any other TZ centers across Indonesia and hope to continue our special friendship with you loyal customers. It wasn't an easy decision to close this TZ center, but this decision was made after we consider all the choices carefully."
TZ Citos's Cabinets' cry. Its virtual roller coaster ride was packed down days before this was happened. FYI this center also have "Mega Stacker" in which there are big prizes if you win the game...

The MT cabinets are not exempt from crying...
Thus, the only choice now for me is to commemorate Citos into a racing game, in which I've got a challenge like this by myself: "How do you fit a nearby mall into a game with track editors and such?" The answer is here:

It is far from complete, I tell you...
 This is the grand project in GeneRally to make a playable GR track based on Citos. It was initially a project for fun only, but looking at the condition happened there, I think this would go down as a tribute for Citos Timezone, no more, no less. It is still a WIP, but I will tell you if it's complete. For now, I've completed two small tracks in GeneRally, but until the next post, I will tell you what they are and how the project is going. That would also mark my site's update too.

- RIP TZ Citos - 2002-2013. Wish all your arcades are delivered to the right place...

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  1. MT cabinets is tried to be stronger.. they're not crying whenever happened with their house :'(