Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First (?) Indonesian MT-related Violence (No, this ISN'T an April Fool's joke)

So I browsed the internet yesterday, and I found this... (Take note this IS NOT an April Fool's joke)

An Indonesian MT4-related violence just happened days ago... (From an Indonesian WMMT community, shared to other international communities as well)


Loose Translation: There was a child abuse case that happened in a Timezone arcade in Surabaya, IDN, where a father's child was playing MT4 alone when a man damaged the machine the child was playing because the man claimed that the boy overexceeded the recommended number of times you can play MT4 in a full day that is set by TZ (newspaper says 2x, actually 3x in most arcades), and wanted the child to get out. The boy only played one time and naturally resisted to leave the game as he didn't have enough turns yet. However the man yelled angrily at him back, then pulled the kid out from the chair and went on to break the boy's glasses into two pieces and punched the boy in the stomach. 

The father went to Timezone the next day to report this case by asking the management but the manager was away without reason, which is why the open article about this was published to attract attention from Timezone.

If you see any violent occurence while playing in the arcade, report to the police and the management at the arcade. Reason with the perpetrator if possible. If the perp is dangerous, do not do this and instead go out to inform the police as soon as possible. Arcades should be a place for amusement and not violence. In arcade history, these places have been known to attract crooks, we should not make this again at all.

If you are supposed to be a role model for the kids, why are you doing this crap? Does this mean that the "R.I.P Patience" era is getting stronger? -_-

However, Maximum Tune-related violence doesn't happen only in Indonesia; there's one in Singapore too, although it's a long time ago. 

Man fined $5,000 for slamming teenager's head against arcade game machine

An engineer was fined $5,000 on Thursday for punching and slamming a teenager's head against the steering wheel of a racing game machine.

Lau Teck Guan, 34, had admitted to causing hurt to the 15-year-old student at TKA Virtualand Arcade at Parco Bugis Junction at Victoria Street on May 26, 2011.

The court heard that at about 9pm that day, the victim's friend, then 16, was playing the racing game with Lau.

When his friend lost a game, the victim decided to take over the steering wheel. The victim then won subsequent games against Lau. (X)

Why is there even a violence involved when queuing or for this game or when losing this game? Be reminded that THIS IS JUST A GAME, and there's no need to insert violence in the game...


Just two things here...

Sometimes putting a security person or two around the machine can be a good solution. This way, when the queue gets crowded, they can keep track of how many games the occupying player has played. It is an outright first choice indeed, and should work 100%. If it doesn't work, one or two queuing players can volunteer themselves into one. They need to remind players if their 3-game limit when playing is over, yet this would be rendered useless when the machines are very vacant.

DON'T CARE SOMEONE'S TITLE! Even if the one in question is a son / daughter (rare case) of an honored soldier or not, the securities must not be biased of someone's predicate. Everyone's the same and everyone has the right to play the game even if they're young or old, or experienced or new, or even an honored soldier or just a casual gamer. It is everyone's game. Period.

We hope that any game center around the world, whether they have Maximum Tune 4 or not, can learn from these horrific violent "tragedies". Make the arcade scene a friendly place to be for everyone...


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  1. wow.. that sucks, thats make ashamed for the timezone:/
    anyway i'm from indonesia (: Medan city especially, MT4 just came in a short time.. (prob. the latest city to had it)