Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GENERALLY 2 Kickstarter Demo Finally Online!

Everyone's been waiting to test out GeneRally 2, the successor of GeneRally. And on April 1st, they proved that their Kickstarter Demo is no April Fools' by getting the demo playable online for everyone, regardless if they're new to GR or veterans who are no strangers to the game.


GeneRally 2 has the same simple premise like the first one has: you drive your car from start to finish as fast as possible. However, in the demo, you can have either an unlimited lap time trial or a race with up to six friends: Two keyboard players and four who use controllers.

As you're done choosing your car for your time trial / race, the game will load its only playable track, somehow Brunel Park by James Burgess. The race is done in a usual manner except the fact that you drive unlimited number of laps when driving alone. As expected, there are notable new features such as new cars, split times, new object shapes, and most importantly, day/night cycle! Reenacting round-the-clock endurance racing will be possible as soon as this game is finished!


The GR2 fam. You can notice which ones are newcomers here... :)

There are two new cars in the sequel, among the selection of five other returnees like Mini, Monster Truck, Yankee, Rallycar, and Formula (although it's named Formula GR09). These cars are Buggy and Group C! While Buggy is fun to drive due to its drifty physics, Group C is... well, a disappointment. Once you drive the Group C car, you'll realize that it brakes too quick and its handling is equal to trying to steer a rock, for a car that's too fast. Other than that, the rest feel the same as their first GR counterparts. Still, we're dying for a modern-day 200-poly take of General, Onewheeler, Truck, et al.

Take note that you should also notice how Rallycar is fun to be driven on dirt, how hard Yankee's physics is for you, how you shouldn't stuck yourself when driving Monster Truck, how fragile Formula is when bumping into walls and its behavior of "flying" when you run the sunken tires. Other than that, every car has their own distinctive sounds, with certain cars sounded like a buzzing bee and also certain ones that sound like a truck. Others retain their original engine sound from GR.


The best part of this game has always been racing. Here, you drive, depending on how many players you have, alone or with your rivals for a predetermined number of laps (only apply to the latter, the former has unlimited laps). As you drive the track, you'll notice that there are new shapes for objects, and new objects too. Notice how big office buildings create smoke from top, concrete walls have an option with fencing, a garage object, and how every stand has a roof. Also worth noting is that the hay bales are now movable as you bump them, among other things.

Also visible are more realistic smoke and dust effects. Taking up to eleven from the first game, the smoke now looks realistic than they were, even when you drive the sand run offs, it generates realistic dust effects too. So, if anyone were to make a drift car or a rally track when this game is released, BE. MESMERIZED.

Split times are also not exempt from GR2. Everytime you pass certain points on this demo track, you will notice that above you is a gap from your best time of your car. There are three sections where the gap will be shown, and that includes the start/finish line. If you are aiming for a fast time, let this gap above your car "motivate" you so that you know if you do well in certain sections.

But the most awaited feature of GR2 is this one:

As the night comes via predefined time scale, the lights from light posts illuminate as the track goes dark, adding a challenge to the racers of driving in the dark. Your car will also light its headlights automatically as the race enters its night time, and not only that, your car will also shine even if it's dark on the track for visibility's sake. This is what everyone has been waiting for; an addictive game with simple premise and a day/night cycle, so that everyone can consider having an endurance race, either with AIs or in a conventional login competition way.


Even though that the game is not bug-free due to it being an Alpha, we knew that this is yet perfect, but it gives enough sneak peek of what's going to come in GR2. The gameplay doesn't change from its predecessor, the 200-poly take on cars look amazing, and the day/night cycle succeed to deliver. It is a game worth the wait for its full release and is a perfect time waster if you'd like to set up a race with friends, although you have warn them that the steering is a bit delayed, the FPS is a little bit slow, and that they don't need to drive a Group C car due to its disappointing physics.

We're looking forward for the Kickstarter campaign! Remember! Check out GeneRally 2's developer blog, GeneRally International Forums, and while you're at it, try the Kickstarter demo now, alone or with friends with four controllers and another keyboard player using another part of keyboard!


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