Thursday, October 29, 2015

Digging The Past Even Deeper

A brief fangirl moment here: OMG MY OLD SITE IS STILL ALIVE!!!1111oneoneone!!!11!!!!

For my next entry this month, I was confused as to what should be written for my next post: The IziEditor? My Student Study Service days? Or my new TMUF Skinning project? Writer's Block is a bitch, I know, especially when once again Fashion Week took over my life once more. It doesn't help at all as I also started to binge certain web series, and the high level of obsession with female leads of those series has dropped my will to be productive.

But interesting enough, I stumbled upon my old Turbo Sliders site recently and stoked that it is still active until now, compared to my RendyTUNED site that has been frozen already (yet thankfully Internet Wayback Archive allowed me to view the site however I see fit). There, I discovered one track that I stupidly forgot to release on my RendyTUNED days onwards: Fantasy Road, a countryside track situated near a river. The track has been floating for years, and it actually was a much more decent track than the existing ones if I had to be honest.

However, Fantasy Road isn't the only track I forgot as the search for my old tracks continue from there on, starting by digging my old CDs I used to store my files on from the day I started being crazy for internet cafes. I remember making tracks with the names "Champark" and "Manggus R1", two of the default car tracks unreleased to the site but with no luck, so I decided to turn into Mike Nike whose track/car search helped me the most. Using his help, two things were revealed: Number one, those tracks are in the broken HDD, and number two and the most important of it all is Night Beach Party, my first ever NightMod track. I would thank Mike Nike for taking care of the NightModded track since it was a product of disqualified origin for TS's first ever track making contest.