Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Throwback - Classic TS Tracks and Current GR WIPs

Oppa Classic Style!
The population of default cars tracks in Turbo Sliders is extinct, with the barrage of Photoshopped tracks. However, they are still used in some online servers that serves fairplay racing and rough racing. There aren't any new default cars tracks like yesterday...

Here, I will showcase all my default car racing tracks you can download. These tracks are made in my 1.0.8 days.


One of my first tracks in my 1.0.8
Arashi is a track set near the lake of a Japanese village. The name's taken from "Arashi", Japanese for "Storm". True to its name, it features a series of tight turns on your way, ranging from hairpins to simply tight turns, and there's a bridge crossover too. The last corner, depending on what kind of car you're driving, could make or break your race, so be focus!


Drift Scene

Drift Scene: Adapting Initial D on TS...
Drift Scene is an innovative track on its right; A single-lap track made in 1.0.8 and also has a NightModded version. True to its name, its motif is a mountain pass track. The first half of the course is comprised of tight turns and hairpins, and the second half is a series of fast sections followed by hairpins. This not only gives balance factor per se but also adding the Initial D feeling on it.



Flowerbanks; home of thousand flowers
Flowerbanks is described here as home for thousands of flowers of different seasons thanks to its climate-fitting places. In that area, a race track is made featuring tight left and right handers, as well as hairpins and a bridge crossing. In my own opinion, this track is way better than Arashi in terms of tile placings, most notably at the start/finish where the road there isn't too narrow like Arashi.


Speedster Run

A course that fits Speeder better
Speedster Run was named Deadly Slide with an old tag of "RAY". The new name has a meaning; the track fits Speeder better, which really suits Speeder players better, but are you awesome enough to pass through two tight corners here? WITHOUT. CRASHING. The race then continues to the big jump that will land you on the bridge as you face the last turn that could make or break your run. I will recommend Speeder for greater challenge, none else.



To the parking lot and back!
Turned's essence is "Racing your way through the bridge, to the parking lot, jumping the river, and back. The parking lot section is quite hard btw, and the track after you jump the river is somewhat too far that some default cars, if you're fast enough actually, wouldn't reach the track. But don't worry, you can still drive the river, even if it slows you down.



Race the river, then jump the river!
Water Cross is probably an aversion to Turned, in which you drive the river and then jump the river. But don't worry, the water here doesn't slow you down. That is, because the river here isn't deep. There are rumors that this river links with Flowerbanks, Turned, and Arashi, but we don't know. If that's true, then the four course is set in the same Japan Arashi has...


Current GeneRally Stuffs

Rallying in Snow!

Hey look, it's Frappe Snowland! ...what?
Yup, as you would guess, I'm making my own version of Frappe Snowland. However, with an environment of Rally Sweden, even though we don't remember if there's at least one rally stage that has tarmac.

Anyway, the only problem I have is the bridge; in the game, the bridge is made of wood, but here, I changed the bridge. I had to change it because the moment I made the wooden bridge the Height Map isn't what I expect. Nevertheless, it's going to be one of the best, and that would be a deserved appreciation after my long hiatus in trackmaking. And what about those hay bales? Should I change them into fences? Other than that, everything's great.

See you in the next update!

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  1. The TS tracks are fun to drive, it would be nice if there was AI though...