Sunday, May 19, 2013

The [R] @ Harumatsuri 8 - BIRTH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

It's been two weeks since the last J-Fest I attend, which is Animaku no Hibi which held in Bintaro Plaza.

Welcome to Harumatsuri 8 at Lapangan Bulungan where you can find stuffs that you can normally see in every J-Fest. The things that differ each J-Fest are the audition bands and the cosplays.

Speaking of audition band, there's one audition band I eager to see them perform that I have to speed from my home at 9, and arriving at the place 10 minutes before it begins. One word, ten letters:

ROCKUSATSU! Yup, this audition band is what interests me after knowing that they cover tokusatsu songs. Too bad their set list was only Dekaranger and Jiban opening themes, out of the three songs they planned to bring. And they threw a gashapon too, which was found out to contain a Sentai figure... Definitely worth the show! Yet, they weren't the only audition bands; there were others like Blair (missed it), Blue Sky Line, and Exodia (which covered L'Arc songs \m/!)

The show continues with performances of Enjuku Theater. The first performance was about Kaguyahime songs medley which the members sang all the songs featured there. Shortly after the history, past performances, and future plans of the Theater was announced, they presented us Tokyo City Life; Two Indonesian countrymen are in Japan where they are adapting themselves to Japanese lifestyle. Both performances were great! They've fulfilled their promise of bringing their best game!

As usual, every J-Fest has cosplays. This cosplay competition was on stage, contrary to the last show's (Bintaro area) street cosplay. The cosplayers weren't just four just as soon as the second batch was deployed.

First batch of competing cosplayers. Most are from Naruto fandom.
Kamen Rider Birth, another cosplayer
The second batch of cosplayers. Another Naruto character Obito is seen here.
And I haven't tell you a thing about AI48, right?
Leon from Resident Evil is here too
For some reason, I couldn't take pics of me with every cosplayer as I did in the last event, save it for Birth. Yup, he's the only one I took pictures with, and I did it in a non-mainstream way...

Fighting against Birth is damn fucking exciting tbh, except when you don't have a costume to wear... :v


Leon and Kurenai Wataru?
spotted: Rockusatsu vocalist
Looks like we're having a brand placement here :v
Is he really Kurenai Wataru or I'm just hallucinating?
Center of attention: Kamen Rider Birth

Birth vs. Pain
Leon with his Lolita (somehow her face reminds me of Huggy Ragnarsson)

Japanese dangdut courtesy of Kazu-san~!

The show was great, with tokusatsu songs covered by the aforementioned audition band, great cosplays, AI48, Kamen Rider Birth becoming the center of attention and a lot more, we can safe to say that Harumatsuri 8 was a great experience.

To top it off...

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