Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's GeneRally Time! - My New Stuffs! ~edited 10/5~

Dear readers, I know the last post pertained about a Japanese Festival show I attended, with special appearances of Kamen Riders ZX, Den-O Liner, and Shadowmoon, and lots of Otaku mascots like Vocaloid siblings Miku and Kaito.

However, I will remind you that THIS blog is also dedicated to PC games like GeneRally, Turbo Sliders, and etc, and you ARE about to read my new GeneRally stuffs I've released in the past weeks.


This year, I've made two stuffs for GR; a car and a track. So where will we start?

(SFX: clock ticking)


Snow course...

Rally course...?

Wooden bridge!?
DAT TRACK!!!!???
Yup, you guessed it! It's Frappe Snowland from the Mario Kart 64 fame! I know I've made the TS version and made it look like a half-tarmac half-snow course. But this time, since my trackmaking skill in any racing game mentioned here matured, this is what I came up: a really good track that replicates the original as seen on the video game. Furthermore, this track looks better with a twist of Rally Sweden environment! Think Frappe Snowland a real-life racecourse in Sweden.

Antartica would be a wild guess, too. But to be honest, Sweden fits better, because you know one does not simply drive in Antartica. Heck, there's no Rally Antartica for that matter... :v

It's available now at GRIF! (too bad I haven't update the site, but I will!) AND IT IS NOW UNIVERSALLY AVAILABLE!

Meanwhile, there's a new car in town...

Enter Prospect.R!
Prospect.R, abbreviation of Prototype Sportscar Project R, is a prototype racing car with a distinctive high power electric engine that can rev up to 10,000rpm. Based on the Ford Puma model, the car is extensively developed by yours truly (or by a mysterious group I reckon?). The car speeds up to 200kmh++ and goes from 0-100 in 4 secs, thanks to its reliable PROSPECT-XXXG01 electric engine under its hood. Furthermore, you can choose between Sequential or H-Shifter 4-Speed Manual Gearing. Either way, they bear same performance values. The car also bears resemblances to Formule France, which you can google it because there aren't any English results that will pop up.

FYI: Formule France cars are cute and somewhat streamlined. They look like F2 Kit Cars for some reason, only with GT wings. They weigh less than 600kgs

It's also available at GRIF, but like the Snowland, it isn't up yet on the site. I will let you know if it's available in the next post ASAP. YOU CAN GET IT HERE NOW!

Well, that's it for now. Hope I could update my site the same way I updated my blog!

And for those who commented on my ANH4 post, thank you very much! I know this would generate a big traffic, even bigger than ever! I will keep updating some Otaku-related stuffs where possible!


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