Monday, April 22, 2013

[R]-GARAGE is a GO!

Finally, after years of not updating my own game stuffs site since RendyTuned, [R]-GARAGE is a go! This is yet another evolution of my site. From my old, forgotten, and defunct Turbo Sliders-centric tripod site, to the aformentioned RendyTuned which named after an arcade video game and focus not only on TS but other games like GeneRally, to THIS.

One of the most noticeable features is the slideshows showing games that I play. To this date, only TS and GR that are featured, but I will feature more screens from different games I play. And true to the site's intention, I've added new TS creations, both cars and tracks. The new tracks are Hueco Mundo and Gran Canaria.

Hueco Mundo
Admit it, the moment Hueco Mundo pops out, you might think that it's related to Bleach (that is if you happen to be a fan of Bleach). It isn't...

I didn't remember the Hollow World had grasses...

It was intended to have all covered in snow since Hueco Mundo is a white desert, yet it ended up being a normal racing track in which the ice covers the grass, but there's snow along the course. The course is set in a very small island dedicated for racing that can only be accessed when the lake freezes. Is this thing close enough to this?

The course features twisty turns and only one long straight, which is the start/finish straight. The rest are series of turns. There are two hairpins, and a tad many chicanes throughout the course, but this makes default car racing (especially with EasySlider, Slider, and/or Antislider) much exciting. The muddy shortcut at the first turn is just a distraction; I don't know why I added it...

Is it just me or am I feeling that Sousuke Aizen would set a best lap here? Not really...

Download it here before some Hollow World monsters bite you.

Gran Canaria

The latest of my photoshopped tracks roster. This track is so special because not only is it a super special track (which is the nth Super SS course in the Turbo Sliders universe after Tijny's T_RoC-01 and Lanz's Show Event course for PTM, and it's my second btw :shh:), it pays tribute to the old days of Race of Champions. Back then, it was held in a closed circuit of Gran Canaria (Canary Isles btw) and there were champions from many motorsport disciplines battling it out to be the "Champions of Champions". The reason why I made this because I was high in playing Michelin Rally Masters, an RoC game. Trust me, Race of Champions better visit Gran Canaria once again, because I felt the stadium RoC tracks, while they are also exciting, doesn't quite give the challenge.

It's not a Gran Canaria. I know, but this pretty much explains Rally Masters alone

The race takes you to the tarmac terrains, and after you pass the first hairpin, you play with dirt. There are jumps to tackle, and this is the first time I've created a tile dedicated to... jumping. Yeah, what's the point if there are no rally jumps? The default jump tile doesn't do the justice...

The battle doesn't end there; as you cross the lane-changing bridge/tunnel, there's a section that will determine your fate in the race if you play online, one on one. One mistake and you're done for. At last, the race returns to the tarmac where you will have to drive the last corner. Now that you're on the different lane, you continue driving until you drive a lap. Believe me, this track is really exciting, especially if you want to play with your friends online.

Drive it NOW!

New Cars

Also made are new cars; these cars are new additions to my collection of stuffs. The last time I made a car was Formula Smash Bros, which is a 70s Formula 1 car that's got speed. That doesn't even released to my site, only the TS site. Same thing is done with my Antislider CT230R which is a combination of AntiSlider, an image of TSB Antitiurbo + Whiplash's AntiF1, and a trait of having a control that's as close as simulation. The hard handling makes you really need to find your perfect driving line. And didn't I mention that the car has a muse?

If not because of this car, it might not be an Antislider CT230R...

Now allow me to present a new stuff in the year of 2013, the same year which I got high on Rally Masters: Formula 2 Kit Cars! A collection of late 90s front-wheeled light-weighted beasts packed with acceleration that rampaged Tour de Corse! No, I'm serious!

Peugeot 306 Maxi Kit Car, a cult rally car that once made rallying fandom overwhelmed by it. It proved its worth to its more-powerful WRC competitors by placing 2nd in the 1998 Tour de Corse rally in the hands of Francois Delecour. It's also featured in Taxi 2 film where Schlesser guy is being overtaken by Daniel's taxi. No wonder 306 Maxi would be a phenomenon and one-hit-wonder for the short-lived Formula 2 class...

The pack contains seven selected kit cars: Peugeot 306 Maxi, Citroen Xsara, Renault Maxi Megane (Team Diac colors), Nissan Almera, Hyundai Coupe EVO II, Skoda Octavia KC, and finally Seat Ibiza EVO II. All cars have different performances. These cars are almost like Antislider, except that it performs better than the Anti and are drivable in off-road conditions; mud, gravel, loose gravel, and snow.

Get 'em here!

In conclusion, this blog will be [R]-GARAGE's feed, which you can see on the very first front page. This blog will keep you tracked on my stuffs' releases, WIPs, and randoms. 

Happy driving!

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