Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Throwback: TGS - A GR carmaking house that followed the RSC-era mainstream

Welcome to the second edition of Thursday Throwback! This is where I'm reviewing my old game stuffs. As you could imagine, these stuffs were there since I signed up for a SkyDrive in 2008 and made stuffs for years since then.

Previously, I've shown you my Turbo Sliders tracks that use the default tracks. These tracks are now available on the Full Contact server where available! (There's a random rotation though, so you would likely drive at least one track of mine...). For this issue, the Thursday Throwback action moves to GeneRally, an addictive PC racing game for six players with a vast room for creating your own tracks and cars! Imagination guaranteed!

GeneRally is an addictive racing game with up to 6 players, and unlimited modification possibilities where you can make your own tracks and cars! Need to say more?

An official forum for the game was established in now-defunct RaceSimCentral forums, which most GR racers who read this post will remember what this site was. There, there have been many stuffs created by the game's fans, and there are competitions that use this game and made tools related to this game, such as CarEditor, SaveGameMerger for competition-related things, and many more.

Fictitious car makers born; there was Herbal Motors, and then there was DHV, and there were many others whose name I couldn't remember, but only a handful of fictitious makers that are still alive until now. Then there was another fictional car company that followed the mainstream: TGS, short for TRR General Staff. TGS made two cars; the first car is the TGS Devilbat RS, a "performance box car", which is first of its kind. Some veterans heralded it being "too boxy" for their standards, but some liked its performance and design. Then as TGS planned to make a "real car" as suggested, they came up with an idea: a hot hatch. The TGS hot hatch's development took months following the forum exodus from RSC Forums to GeneRally International Forum, and several days later, TGS Sasuke ST, the name of the latest hot hatch, is born.

Sasuke ST's promotional image

Sasuke ST has 3 different types: normal, tuned version, and the hard-top convertible version, which might be unpopular amongst the car enthusiasts in the universe. Both Devilbat and Sasuke has 120cc and 2000cc engines respectively, and both have their own distinct characteristics; Sasuke is agile in turns, while Devilbat RS... can't remember... To top it off, Devilbat wasn't a mass-produced car as there were only 200 built at the time of its production, while Sasuke ST was and there were 1000 built.

However, it was "that's it" for TGS; years after Sasuke ST and as they were to create a sedan, they ran out of their resources. TGS filed for bankruptcy months after, and its founder was focused on developing the machines for two cars in the Update Original GeneRally Cars: Triangle, and Rallycar in 2011.

Years later, a new car is born to celebrate Sasuke's existence: some of ex-TGS workers worked hard to make this car a great tribute to their old product: SST Sports Type-R, created by [R] GARAGE. The vehicle is said to carry on TGS's spirit, and to live it on.

The engine and the performance remain the same, only this time it's [R] GARAGE's TR16-V 2.0L engine beneath the sport hatch's hood, sporting the same agility on the corners, but with improved top speed. There are three options for this car: Two of them have same out-of-the-factory performances but their coloring; single color and two colors. The last one is a tuned version where it acts like a drift car. It's meant to drift anyway... There's no cabrio version unlike the old model...

The car will soon be available as I update my site, so just wait :), but meanwhile, you can get it in its GRIF thread!


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