Sunday, March 30, 2014

Long time no see, Bandung!

Glad that I was able to go to Bandung once again after a long time! Although the Bandung trip was about my college doing a benchmarking (or comparative study, whichever your fancy) to Telkom University, but the great part is I was able to see how great Telkom University is, especially when walking to the Software Development Lab where the Game Development Club there has mastered the art of game making, 2D and 3D! Mathematical!

Never on Earth Cipularang Toll Road disappoint you with its best on-road environment!

 The road to the university started at 7am, which was sadly an hour late from the scheduled time. I guess ngaret (a delay that also acts as an act of procrastination) is an integral part here... But no, ngaret wasn't one of the main shows here. The real main show started as the buses (I rode one of two buses there) went past 80+ km road of Cipularang Toll Road. It's filled with beautiful views worthy of camera spams. The beautiful and green mountain view made it a great trip there! I guess the toll road makes the road to Bandung onwards insta-enjoyable...

Although we stopped at a rest area somewhere when we were on the road to the mentioned university, everyone took their time to take pictures of the view, being pictured with friends, and even some were interested in taking... *cough* selfies. However, back on track, the road to there went well even though the bus was probably too slow when trying to climbing up.

The main building of Telkom University, hidden from the trees.

As we arrived there, we were greeted by the students there, and so the show begun: an introduction of both their college and mine, followed by a lunch break, then exchanges of information and profiles, and the greatest part: visiting places like faculty library, labs, etc before the closing of the show and, not to forget, a memorial picture before we went home.


The best part of the lab visit was the Software Development Lab. Not only is there a Game Development Club, but also was I took the chance of trying one of their games: A thief game which name sadly I can't remember. Here, you play as a thief who tries to steal the "treasure chest" but must pay attention to the security that keeps patroling the place.

And then I was offered another game by them to play, but as the time was up and it was time to leave for another break, I walked off the game graciously even when the loading wasn't completed. Before visiting that lab, past labs that were visited are  Database and Data Mining Lab and Multimedia lab, all wrapped up in the university's Software Development laboratory building. Also note that these labs have the best work environment there!

However, there are more laboratories than just Software Development. The list is available here.

A view from the main faculty's library.

The best part of Telkom University is that the university combines modern architecture of its faculty and lab buildings plus all the best work environment and facilities with a view of rice fields. No, I'm not kidding. The university is set amidst the rice fields and a backdrop of mountains, which makes the university unique and able to emphasize its authentic Indonesian environment. All those greeneries make it a university worth studying at!

Although I cannot provide more pictures due to fear of my phone acting strange (read: sudden turn-off) when trying to take pictures at half battery mark (YES, only my phone that does such thing), the 4-hour trip + the ngaret was worth the fee that is as low as roughly four bucks and a couple of cents (IDR 45000 for you). Both my college and Telkom University showed great chemistry throughout the run, and I'm looking forward for visiting it once more, maybe considering it as one of the places worth visiting after Cihampelas Walk and Trans Studio Bandung (and some of the outdoor sports places and waterparks I can't even mention)?

~[R] + #HMIFfeatHIMTI