Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RENDY'S NETWORKS; Still passing through, racing hard, and babbling much since 2007

The first time I went to pass through the world is technically when I was at my elementary years; between fourth to sixth grade. At that time, I was browsing cars only. But then, I found a net cafe near my area which I become attached to it until it is totally closed. That was my first junior high school year if you wanna know. I used to download musics, browsing stuffs, and... passing through worlds :p

Time flies by, I am still that person, only better. The first time I grasped the internet, I have no stand, and my English wasn't great, the spelling and grammars were so awful (yet I rarely confuse 'possession' words with 'conjunctions' other than "it's"), I couldn't write it clearly. I remember posting on a forum and made a thread "NEW TRACKS - A BIT SENSELESS" (If you happen to be a Turbo Sliders forum member, you know what I'm talking about.). What I wanted to write was "NEW TRACKS - THEY'RE BAD AS HELL", but I got warned because I spammed the forum. Well lol/

Years later, forums by forums I joined, opened doors to my social networking scene, and continue making stuffs and posting stuffs. I wrote fan fictions, made game stuffs, and made some image editing stuffs. I knew at that time, I have to be as great as the pros that mastered at least one of those disciplines I wrote. Yet, I kept failing. I realized that seeking attention was the only way, and it not only gave me troubles, but them, the users who were tired of my hounding. Plus, I remember moaning about time differences that would gave me super disadvantage at most forum games because I had to use net cafe everytime I want to connect to the internet. However, now that I have an internet modem, I can seamlessly pass through worlds!

I have been going through worlds for 6 years; my life's changed, so does my way of life, especially the IT life. There are so many worlds and roads I went, and I will pass through, race hard, and babble for more years, even if I've done it in a decade...


As time flies, I've made some sites. They're my identities for each world I'm passing through...

My Facebook and My Twitter
These are my social networks that I'm currently using. The former is made in 2008 while the latter is one year later. I rarely update my status and tweet rarely, I even haven't tweeted from December 2011 until February 2012 by the reason of wanted to sync my Twitter to FB. It's very simple, but I haven't had time. You can befriend me or follow me. Whatever you want to do.

*you don't say*

...Except if you notice that the title's changed; from being an Amuro Ray-ish inactive blog to a new revival. I will mostly post game stuffs here since I need a news feed thingy for my new site.

The site's name is a pun on an arcade game called R-TUNED. It's my site where I make cars and tracks form Turbo Sliders, GeneRally, and many other games. Sadly, I don't update the site anymore, but I have a better plan. Just see...

Livejournal and Tumblr
Since I love watching TV series too, it's not surprising that I'm also infected by a "Fandom" phenomenon. The former is used as a tool to join Fandom March Madness, but that's not its only purpose; I will post fandom-related stuffs, picspams, and fandom fanfics (which, contrary to you guys' opinions to fandoms, cover more than Glee and Pretty Little Liars). My tumblr is also a picspam tool, but in a smaller scale. Sometimes it's a flexible tool to repost pics...

You can either see me at Turbo Sliders forum, GeneRally International Forum, and you can even see me hanging a lot at RTVGames. Those three are my most active forums, but there are also forums I joined.

At the end, you can expect me to be more active in all forums I'm joining now. even this blog, my tweets, and etc. However, I will not be like some low-life people who post too many posts, even in a minute! :)

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