Sunday, August 12, 2012

The new phone

I know it's just yesterday that I wrote the previous post about taking you to a certain mall responsible to my career revival, but if you READ that post, you know that this post is the spiritual successor to that.

This is my old cellphone: Nokia 3110c. This cellphone is mine for years starting first grade of my Junior High, which means this cellphone has been on my pocket for more than six years. At my second grade of High School, I've got Nokia N95, a better phone running on S60v3 system, and it's a slide-phone. I used N95 for more advanced this like watching my downloaded videos, music player, and browsing at high definition, and the former two were thanks because of its "Memory Card Hot-swap" feature which you can swap your MC without having to remove the battery, unlike the 3110c I have.

However, its fate ended after a pushover happened when I watched a soccer game, causing my right foot to bleed, then receive stitches, and finally, the N95 that has to begone from this universe. It was a shameful moment for me, but months afterwards, I'm still with my old phone.

Which, until now, has to meet with my new cellphone.

We can assure that 0 Gundam, my first Gunpla, is the mascot of mine. Ironically, I wished for RX-78-2. Here, it makes my new phone's entrance look epic. It even doesn't care about what kind of cellphone it's going to demolish.
Yup, the cellphone that my Gunpla is riding is the new Nokia C7-00. It's far better than N95 in any way, yet it's no better than Nokia N8, which I wished but stopped wishing it because of its hefty price. A touch screen phone, social network-ready, USB On-the-Go support (which ironically didn't packed with C7-00, but I found one store that sells it, so not kinda disappointed), et cetera. It can even play my favorite Ovi Maps Racing (to be honest, I like the kind of game where you're racing a track that's location based and enables you to create a track from your location)! A lot of my friends and relatives once asked if I should use a BlackBerry phone, but that's an overrated choice. What's more, there are lots of teenagers misusing it for taking pics while they're posing inappropriate face expressions (no, not porn, damnit!), oh wait, that's also what teens misuse the 12MP cameras for. But the TRUE reason is, BBs have no broader feature than Nokias have.

It's got two cameras, both 8 Megapixels, social networking, e-mail checking, GPS, FM transmitter that enables you to play your music on radio (Don't be jealous, BB users!), and many more. Marginally better, like a boss.

So, as the rite of passage...

We can assure that the old 3110c is done for.

And that my Gunpla has done its job...

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