Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inside Mal Parung - The one responsible for my 3DX+ career's revival

Hey guys, it's Rendy again. I guess it's been a long time since my last post due to less interest + lack of views. I was trying to resist the Rule XXX of "If you want your X to be seen, don't hound" I learned from my experience at a pixel car RP forum. Guess looking at the condition, I couldn't have any choice. And considering I'm posting this at a fasting month aka Ramadan, this post should be 3 times cooler (oh wait, that's Char's Rule, not mine)

And now celebrating my first Ramadan post and the revival of my Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+ career, now I'll take you INSIDE Mal Parung, a new shopping center that's opened at 29 July. There are interesting things that got my attention: The 3DX+ Cabinet. "Will I see MT cabinets at that place?" is my top-priority question, considering that I'm depressed of MT cabinets being located at shopping malls far from my home that I quitted for awhile.

At first, at the time of its construction, I don't have a thought about this place being a shopping mall. But now, it IS a shopping mall, and it's opened on 29 July. Days after its grand opening, I went there to see the amusement center which is located at the underground floor. And then I found this...

Yes, that's MAXIMUM TUNE, bitches!
A little info about this game: This game's based on the anime and manga Wangan Midnight by Michiharu Kusunoki which is about racing in the highways of Tokyo, particularly C1 and its surrounding areas. It's about Akio Asakura's adventures with his Devil Z (a dark blue Nissan Fairlady 240Z with aeros) he found at a junkyard, and it's known for its numerous accidents. The game takes you and your car (that you choose) into the WM storylines and you get a tuning of either Power or Handling everytime you win. You can also win Dress-Up Parts by playing Ghost Battle Mode against the cabinet's resident "ghosts" of other players. This game is popular due to its physics, its Dress-Ups, and its use of magnetic cards. It even kicks Initial D Arcade Stage's ass in terms of popularity.

I've started my MT career back then when it was in its second installment, and it was at Supermall Karawaci, the first place where I played MT. Days after days, Maximum Tune evolves, and so does my card: the loyal Bayside Blue Nissan Skyline GTR R34 that has been my MT partner until this day of the posting. The game is very great, but what I can't stand is that I want to be the best like hundreds of the players whose cards reached 800HP+ DG full tune. Thank goodness, I've reached 800HP a long time ago, and I did my return to this MT world by the time I went to Mall Cinere.

The 3DX+ cabinet here was worth 2 COINS at the time of its opening days. The cabinets were crowded with little kids of elementary age, yet none of them, including the teens of the same age as mine, have cards, leaving me with the "Bojongsari's Fastest" title (Actually I made that up, but hey, I played it for 6 years and running!). I might not as fast as the players from Jakarta, or even other malls far from downtown Jakarta (such as Cinere, Depok, etc), but hey, I'm returning! Now the cabinets are worth 3 COINS, just like other malls do, except that it's a little bit pricier than some areas'.

Other cabinets found in this mall are two popular Cardass games, Animal Kaiser and Hero of Robots. Both are known for their hefty price a play (6 coins) and in the Cardass universe, is competing against the likes of Gacchu Guts, Elemental Lords, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja where available. I will not pertain to Cardass game in this post, but expect me to do it in future.

Its price's a bitch, but it's so damn popular. A fighting game with real-life animals that sets them afar from other Cardass games
 Hero of Robots, the newcomer to the Cardass market by game developer IGS is in its second version. Notice that the other Cardass game on the right is the Naruto Ultimate Ninja game, which I forgot to take the picture of.

But wait, do those pictures are clearer than the other pictures you saw on the previous posts?

Do I sense a new development here?

Or it's just one of those borrowed things I'm using?

The next post would surprise you...

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