Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Mega-Crossover Fighting Project

MUGEN, a game that enables you to create your own fighting games, in action (Image: Uptodown)
So it's been on my mind that I wanted to make a mega crossover fighting game involving TV and movie characters recently...

At a time where I reconciled with soccer, I had downloaded some Winning Eleven games on PSX, with an initial intention to rip the soundtracks (which eventually made their way here), but got into further: gameplay mechanics, to the point that I ended up playing them. I take another PSX soccer title I played in the past called Super Shot Soccer (Bakuretsu Soccer in Japan), a.k.a. Shaolin Soccer's World Cup-centric son (the roster is based on 2002 World Cup participants, albeit all unlicensed in terms of player names obviously) and Inazuma Eleven's grandson, then googled another title with the same premise as the previous game but on PS2 called Red Card, featuring even animals playing soccer, among other things. Then a question came out of my mind: What if I make a fighting game whose gameplay mechanics loosely borrow the last mentioned two games and had an older Winning Eleven title vibe on it? Would be possible, in a million years, but hey, "Fighting Game" is the keyword here.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

High Speed Grounds - My First 4K in TS is Indianapolis!

Welcome to 2017! Well, it's my first post of the year, usually I'd post something about not believing in New Year Resolutions like last, last year, but with that in mind, it means that it's all about jumping into the action, and this is the said action.

Out of countless 4K WIPs I have, one apparently has finally finished. NO! Not any of the existing WIPs that I've shown here on my blog throughout a series of all Turbo Sliders posts from the first time the ability to make 4000x4000 tracks became officially possible (in 2.0.0, you would use a mod to do so), until now where my first ever 4K track is finally released to public! This marks another release after Park Avenue and Autumn Peak which I released last year in May.

That's right! Indianapolis Motor Speedway is alive in top-down style!
Enter Indianapolis Motor Speedway, one of USA's legendary High Speed Grounds and home to the legendary Indy 500 race! After a long battle against demotivation, I have managed to finish this track out, which apparently also includes some interior work which required me to spin my heads the moment I revisited this WIP. Being a track promised to replace the previous Indianapolis in SCARTS (with an addition of road course configurations suitable enough for additional SCARTS races) and promised myself that I could finish it by January this year, there's absolutely no other way than finishing this one ASAP. Plus, the track will also be confirmed to be included in a SCARTS race mid-season (as Burnout told me on Skype), so pretty much is there a reason why I had to finish this one quick, in addition to another reason I will reveal within the next set of paragraphs.