Monday, May 23, 2016

The Random Business

One of the most recent posts in both Team [R]GARAGE's Facebook and Twitter is that it dropped lots of things. Klaus Mikaelson leading by miles? Not that. Me fighting for second place with Margo Roth Spiegelman? Not that too. Carrie Mathison against Cookie Lyon? Nah. Sora Choi and Katie Moore on the grid? Don't get me started on that. Claire Fraser limping last? Not even that. So what gives?

The essence of the post was not to merely drop the character names into the grid I was racing at that time which I might see one or two of you familiar with at least one of the twenty names shown on the bottom left corner of the screenshot. The real essence was I am making a bunch of random cars for Turbo Sliders lately, and since you can clearly spot two known cars already which are Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 which I finished a long time ago (you can download it here) and Audi R10 TDI which is still unreleased until now, combined the fact that I write many times about getting a mid-2000s Le Mans grid of all classes, the reasoning is set: Le Mans Series! This should help you guess out which three other cars are...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

That One Day I Became A Tiger

A Japanese Culture festivity that is unmistakably Ennichisai Blok M, Indonesia's biggest Japanese Culture event featuring the best in Japan's culture, food, and more! (Image: Hai Jepang)

So last week Ennichisai Blok M has just ended and I ended up not going there because I had too many things to settle. On Saturday, I had to tidy up my college organization's HQ with friends, and on Sunday I had family business. Missing the event has its perks though as I witnessed something special in Formula 1: Max Verstappen won the race. Yes, that guy who went "NO!" in Singapore last year went all "YES! YES! YES!" in Barcelona this year, and that one swap with Danil Kvyat really worked, not to mention I could totally see a Supa Hot Fire reaction to two Mercs going kaput at the first lap.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

RENDY'S BLOG... ger's Block.

Oh shee, here come dat picture, again! (Image: Psych Central)

Actually, this is just a short, random post that explains why I haven't blogged past two months. Real Life has been keeping me away from blogging here, and the fact that I brought my brother's laptop, which is infamously slow when surfing the internet although gifted with good specs like Core i5 processor, Radeon VGA, and all that stuff, made everything worse. Although I have to say I am still actively involved with fandom stuffs: I wrote a piece of Zimbio TV Couples' March Challenge, the one where Clarke Griffin and Lexa from The 100 won, on my LiveJournal, and also the "cry-post" about the absence of Fandom Steel Cage March Madness for this year, rendering all my horses for the competition of course obsolete. Later on I would spill my recap for this year's E! Online's Top TV Couple although there still isn't any sign of both a winner's interview and a "ranking" post like last year until now.