Saturday, June 13, 2015

The new [R]GARAGE - What to Expect as Le Mans Draws Near

"Just a day in my laptop designing Go-knows-what. I only have 4 days left in doing this so..."

For the past April, I have been speeding up on the [R]GARAGE redesign, yet due to real life circumstances you know everything was put into a total halt, and eventually all is dead. However, I promised that the new [R]G will feature new stuffs on the way, and a new design too. Many of these new stuffs are a mix of outright new ones and old ones, from my creation "infancy", that I have never released until today. All these new stuffs are those that shape and live up [R]GARAGE's new philosophy: more than just top-downs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Mobile Chapters

Yes, I am into THIS hype. This was taken when I had a Town Hall Level of 5, now it's 6 at the time of this post.

Unfortunately, my college assignments took its toll to my online activities like my site's revamp and writing at least one blog posts earlier this month. With the barrage of college assignments and preparations for my Student Service Study as I pointed out on my other blog's latest post, I almost lost courage in what I need to post here, even giving Nurburgring 24 Hours a life here; this year's race featured some of the greatest moments worth as reasons to why this year's race was an interesting one: from Adam Christodoulou's heroic tire change to everything about Manta Foxtail, and from the Subaru Impreza to Glickenhaus SCG003c. They can make a good post material and the post itself would be a sure-fire 24 Hours of Dubai format post, but time flew fast and my courage quickly dried with all the college assignments. Nevertheless, I still am assuring you that this blog is alive and well, for the nth time.

This post will be more about my mobile life which has drastically changed since the day I bought the Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Being an Android smartphone, I had a bucket list of apps to be installed in my new phone, and yeah, mobile games included. Initially, I kept lots of games, after months of usage however, I only kept few of them due to the fact that I had to give room to my other apps related to mobile productivity. In contrast to my days as a Nokia user, my mobile activity goes beyond just browsing things: I drove real circuits, tapping into Japanese rhythms, and forging an army while strengthening my defense....