Sunday, May 19, 2013

The [R] @ Harumatsuri 8 - BIRTH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

It's been two weeks since the last J-Fest I attend, which is Animaku no Hibi which held in Bintaro Plaza.

Welcome to Harumatsuri 8 at Lapangan Bulungan where you can find stuffs that you can normally see in every J-Fest. The things that differ each J-Fest are the audition bands and the cosplays.

Speaking of audition band, there's one audition band I eager to see them perform that I have to speed from my home at 9, and arriving at the place 10 minutes before it begins. One word, ten letters:

ROCKUSATSU! Yup, this audition band is what interests me after knowing that they cover tokusatsu songs. Too bad their set list was only Dekaranger and Jiban opening themes, out of the three songs they planned to bring. And they threw a gashapon too, which was found out to contain a Sentai figure... Definitely worth the show! Yet, they weren't the only audition bands; there were others like Blair (missed it), Blue Sky Line, and Exodia (which covered L'Arc songs \m/!)

The show continues with performances of Enjuku Theater. The first performance was about Kaguyahime songs medley which the members sang all the songs featured there. Shortly after the history, past performances, and future plans of the Theater was announced, they presented us Tokyo City Life; Two Indonesian countrymen are in Japan where they are adapting themselves to Japanese lifestyle. Both performances were great! They've fulfilled their promise of bringing their best game!

As usual, every J-Fest has cosplays. This cosplay competition was on stage, contrary to the last show's (Bintaro area) street cosplay. The cosplayers weren't just four just as soon as the second batch was deployed.

First batch of competing cosplayers. Most are from Naruto fandom.
Kamen Rider Birth, another cosplayer
The second batch of cosplayers. Another Naruto character Obito is seen here.
And I haven't tell you a thing about AI48, right?
Leon from Resident Evil is here too
For some reason, I couldn't take pics of me with every cosplayer as I did in the last event, save it for Birth. Yup, he's the only one I took pictures with, and I did it in a non-mainstream way...

Fighting against Birth is damn fucking exciting tbh, except when you don't have a costume to wear... :v


Leon and Kurenai Wataru?
spotted: Rockusatsu vocalist
Looks like we're having a brand placement here :v
Is he really Kurenai Wataru or I'm just hallucinating?
Center of attention: Kamen Rider Birth

Birth vs. Pain
Leon with his Lolita (somehow her face reminds me of Huggy Ragnarsson)

Japanese dangdut courtesy of Kazu-san~!

The show was great, with tokusatsu songs covered by the aforementioned audition band, great cosplays, AI48, Kamen Rider Birth becoming the center of attention and a lot more, we can safe to say that Harumatsuri 8 was a great experience.

To top it off...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's GeneRally Time! - My New Stuffs! ~edited 10/5~

Dear readers, I know the last post pertained about a Japanese Festival show I attended, with special appearances of Kamen Riders ZX, Den-O Liner, and Shadowmoon, and lots of Otaku mascots like Vocaloid siblings Miku and Kaito.

However, I will remind you that THIS blog is also dedicated to PC games like GeneRally, Turbo Sliders, and etc, and you ARE about to read my new GeneRally stuffs I've released in the past weeks.


This year, I've made two stuffs for GR; a car and a track. So where will we start?

(SFX: clock ticking)


Snow course...

Rally course...?

Wooden bridge!?
DAT TRACK!!!!???
Yup, you guessed it! It's Frappe Snowland from the Mario Kart 64 fame! I know I've made the TS version and made it look like a half-tarmac half-snow course. But this time, since my trackmaking skill in any racing game mentioned here matured, this is what I came up: a really good track that replicates the original as seen on the video game. Furthermore, this track looks better with a twist of Rally Sweden environment! Think Frappe Snowland a real-life racecourse in Sweden.

Antartica would be a wild guess, too. But to be honest, Sweden fits better, because you know one does not simply drive in Antartica. Heck, there's no Rally Antartica for that matter... :v

It's available now at GRIF! (too bad I haven't update the site, but I will!) AND IT IS NOW UNIVERSALLY AVAILABLE!

Meanwhile, there's a new car in town...

Enter Prospect.R!
Prospect.R, abbreviation of Prototype Sportscar Project R, is a prototype racing car with a distinctive high power electric engine that can rev up to 10,000rpm. Based on the Ford Puma model, the car is extensively developed by yours truly (or by a mysterious group I reckon?). The car speeds up to 200kmh++ and goes from 0-100 in 4 secs, thanks to its reliable PROSPECT-XXXG01 electric engine under its hood. Furthermore, you can choose between Sequential or H-Shifter 4-Speed Manual Gearing. Either way, they bear same performance values. The car also bears resemblances to Formule France, which you can google it because there aren't any English results that will pop up.

FYI: Formule France cars are cute and somewhat streamlined. They look like F2 Kit Cars for some reason, only with GT wings. They weigh less than 600kgs

It's also available at GRIF, but like the Snowland, it isn't up yet on the site. I will let you know if it's available in the next post ASAP. YOU CAN GET IT HERE NOW!

Well, that's it for now. Hope I could update my site the same way I updated my blog!

And for those who commented on my ANH4 post, thank you very much! I know this would generate a big traffic, even bigger than ever! I will keep updating some Otaku-related stuffs where possible!


Monday, May 6, 2013

The [R] @ Animaku no Hibi 4 - The Second ANH I attend!

Animaku no Hibi is a yearly J-Fest event held in the Bintaro area in Indonesia. This is my second year in attending the event, and this year they went to the different direction; if last year it was held in STAN University, this year it's Bintaro Plaza's turn!

ANH4 - It doesn't look big, but it's worth the performances!
I arrived there at 11 am due to... well, I just want to go at that time. Actually, there's another event I'd like to attend, but since it's too far, I dropped the plan to go there... :(. However, there are things that convinced me that attending ANH is still better than crying for not attending the Hobby Fest. Wanna know what are they?

Song Covers

This is one of its Audition bands, Cassada, covering Acid Black Cherry's Re:birth
The moment the start of the Re:birth song commence, I started to swarm the stage. F-yeah! It's that one song from Another Century's Episode, which I haven't played it but managed to try just one stage, and that's the ACE 3: Final where the intro is Hitomi Shimatani's Shinku...

But, the real action got more intense starting at 3pm, where there are more bands with their own unique styles. The one band that got everyone screaming and hopping is the one whose members dressed in One Piece clothings (the singer wore Luffy's costume), but I didn't remember the band's name. What I remember is that they were singing Haruka Kanata from Naruto and a One Piece theme.


Some Baka to Test ripper guys that wanted to kill me!
So you think not attending a much bigger J-Fest is a sin? Think again! You haven't seen the cosplays here @ ANH! Although there aren't many cosplayers in this event than there are in that other event, some used their entrance to make people want to take pics with. Unlike last year, there isn't on-stage cosplay competition, but there is a cos-street competition, which is better than having no cosplay event ever... :v

However, I shall thank the guys who convinced me that ANH is a right choice:
ORE! SANJOU! ZX and Den-O Liner!
That's right, folks! They're Kamen Riders ZX and Den-O Liner! They're the ones that kept me going for the event! But there's one cosplayer whose entrance is so spectacular, everyone wanted to take pics with him.

DAT'S SHADOWMOON WITH BATTLEHOPPER FROM KAMEN RIDER BLACK OMFG!!! This could be once in a lifetime Shadowmoon invade Bintaro. I believe that there won't be cosplayers whose entrance is as spectacular as this, not even that one event. And since I'm a lucky person to take pic with him...

"Now, count up your sins!" ~The guy who doesn't henshin (transform)...

Some Other Random Takes

A really big papercraft really needs a big treatment, like Liger Zero from Zoids
Some Yu-Gi-Oh!-playing dudes fighting their rivals with their cards. It's a battle of strategies, everyone!
Random papercraft moment where WarGreymon was staring  Command Wolf and Pikachu was sniffing WarGrey's ass. Sneaky Pikachu... :v
Another random moment where Pikachu, Terriermon, and WarGreymon are attending Zorro's funeral. Zorro, are you still alive? Don't tell me you're dead by now...
It's good to be back to this event, really. I think this year's ANH is much better with the appearance of Kamen Riders, papercrafts, more cover songs, and greater stands, although last year's venue is better because of the area size and cosplay on-stage competition. Other than that, I'm thankful that I've made a right choice.

But I can't end the blog without this...
Every Otaku's pride; Vocaloid siblings

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Throwback - Classic TS Tracks and Current GR WIPs

Oppa Classic Style!
The population of default cars tracks in Turbo Sliders is extinct, with the barrage of Photoshopped tracks. However, they are still used in some online servers that serves fairplay racing and rough racing. There aren't any new default cars tracks like yesterday...

Here, I will showcase all my default car racing tracks you can download. These tracks are made in my 1.0.8 days.


One of my first tracks in my 1.0.8
Arashi is a track set near the lake of a Japanese village. The name's taken from "Arashi", Japanese for "Storm". True to its name, it features a series of tight turns on your way, ranging from hairpins to simply tight turns, and there's a bridge crossover too. The last corner, depending on what kind of car you're driving, could make or break your race, so be focus!


Drift Scene

Drift Scene: Adapting Initial D on TS...
Drift Scene is an innovative track on its right; A single-lap track made in 1.0.8 and also has a NightModded version. True to its name, its motif is a mountain pass track. The first half of the course is comprised of tight turns and hairpins, and the second half is a series of fast sections followed by hairpins. This not only gives balance factor per se but also adding the Initial D feeling on it.



Flowerbanks; home of thousand flowers
Flowerbanks is described here as home for thousands of flowers of different seasons thanks to its climate-fitting places. In that area, a race track is made featuring tight left and right handers, as well as hairpins and a bridge crossing. In my own opinion, this track is way better than Arashi in terms of tile placings, most notably at the start/finish where the road there isn't too narrow like Arashi.


Speedster Run

A course that fits Speeder better
Speedster Run was named Deadly Slide with an old tag of "RAY". The new name has a meaning; the track fits Speeder better, which really suits Speeder players better, but are you awesome enough to pass through two tight corners here? WITHOUT. CRASHING. The race then continues to the big jump that will land you on the bridge as you face the last turn that could make or break your run. I will recommend Speeder for greater challenge, none else.



To the parking lot and back!
Turned's essence is "Racing your way through the bridge, to the parking lot, jumping the river, and back. The parking lot section is quite hard btw, and the track after you jump the river is somewhat too far that some default cars, if you're fast enough actually, wouldn't reach the track. But don't worry, you can still drive the river, even if it slows you down.



Race the river, then jump the river!
Water Cross is probably an aversion to Turned, in which you drive the river and then jump the river. But don't worry, the water here doesn't slow you down. That is, because the river here isn't deep. There are rumors that this river links with Flowerbanks, Turned, and Arashi, but we don't know. If that's true, then the four course is set in the same Japan Arashi has...


Current GeneRally Stuffs

Rallying in Snow!

Hey look, it's Frappe Snowland! ...what?
Yup, as you would guess, I'm making my own version of Frappe Snowland. However, with an environment of Rally Sweden, even though we don't remember if there's at least one rally stage that has tarmac.

Anyway, the only problem I have is the bridge; in the game, the bridge is made of wood, but here, I changed the bridge. I had to change it because the moment I made the wooden bridge the Height Map isn't what I expect. Nevertheless, it's going to be one of the best, and that would be a deserved appreciation after my long hiatus in trackmaking. And what about those hay bales? Should I change them into fences? Other than that, everything's great.

See you in the next update!