Sunday, November 30, 2014

Officially Losing Everything, One Click Sound At A Time

If you think that my unable to back up some files (due to TeraCopy) when my Windows 7 had a coming together is bad enough, you are very wrong. It's been almost a year that this happened, and I've been downloading stuffs and making game contents, to the point that I have a tendency of changing my mind of working my WIPs. Unfortunately, it was this day where the laptop I have been using up to now (prior to this post) did have a coming together, this time it's a serious one; its HDD unleashed its "click of death" sound, rendering the 1 TB HDD dead and signified the loss of all of the downloaded things.

Losing lots of GB consisting your downloads, movies, songs, WIPs, and documents while you didn't have lots of money to back all those up? Right in the Feels! (Image: LolSnaps)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The New RENDY'S BLOG - The New Face Within The Same Core

Remember when this blog had somekind of "untidy" interface and less-attractive colors as seen above? Now try to compare what the blog now has, design-wise. Thanks to my expertise at tinkering CSS and layouting, plus keeping the golden rules of designing (including web designing that is), GARAGE-R has become simply RENDY'S BLOG. Yes, it was the name of my old blog and adding Hi-v would be much better than just the aptly-chosen name, but it is the shift of direction this blog has taken. In fact, this is my second step on fixing my social media life after I stopped crossposting within the Trinity (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). Well, despite blog is technically anything but a social media, but it is actually a "media of thoughts" where every user can post anything pertaining to the subjects they are interested in.

This post takes a look at my history of blogging, how this blog is born and how it underwent design changes until the blog is what it is now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cross-posting Was Fun While It Lasted

Read upwards.

This very tweet marked the day where I stopped the cross-posting fiesta after years; the time when most, if not all, my tweets on Twitter is cross-posted to Facebook that I don't seem to update a status on Facebook at all save for some Share-able stuffs. Not just Twitter-to-Facebook, but I also cross-post my tweets to LiveJournal (the difference is that in LiveJournal the tweets are listed on one post containing tweets from a single day), and that means that any article I share with my Twitter would be fetched to Facebook, but the double share also has its own downsides explained further in this post.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Rendy's Car Skinning Life EP 03: A Skinner's Block and a Dive to rFactor

New month, new post. As promised, it's going to be a post about skinning. This Skinning Post marks the third episode of my Skinning Life post series. Previously, I did post about working the Citroën Trophée Xsara, which unfortunately sees a sabbatical (exactly for months) due to no feedbacks given. Alas, I quit skinning for a while but not until I dive into rFactor recently. Like how I dived into GTR2, there's one rFactor mod that motivated me to try this game: the ChoroQ mod, made by Aoitori. And then myriads of ideas flow like a landslide...

But in this post, I won't just talk about rFactor alone; this would also be the time where I spill TMUF WIPs that held up for a long time. When I was working the Trophée Xsara car and that I had other WIPs that are dormant, the thing that etched in my heart was "don't spill any of your WIPs before you finished your currently-working one". Since I "failed it" a.k.a can't get to work the current WIP in a short time, I think it's time to open all my cards before others claim any of mine.