Thursday, July 20, 2017

Going Three-dimensional, Don't Care the Poly Count!

In the future, replaying a Turbo Sliders race will be much more exciting than before! (Image: Mike Nike)
Originally, this would be a post dedicated to one tool that sparked my new way of interest on Turbo Sliders after a long time: the 3D TSR Replayer created by Mike Nike. But with doing 3D model on the fly as well for use with that tool once it's released, I delved deep to there.

Actually, the low poly-style art in the 3D TSR Replayer triggered me for a couple of things; within the Eid al-Fitr festivity after observing a full month fasting of Ramadan, Steam Summer Sale commenced, and it ran until the 5th of July. Among the games sold with a nice discount, two got my attention, namely Mini Motor Racing EVO, which I bought first a couple of days after Eid while servicing my motorcycle, and Little Racers Street the next couple of days later. Both games were sold within the IDR 10,000 region (which is about three-quarter a buck in USD) and were the reason I had to buy Steam Wallet credits. I bought the former for the fact that it has a track editor which can be used to create stuffs you can think of, and the latter's reason was because of the art direction, but at the same time it started a fire in me to create some low-poly cars on Blender, the start of it all.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A Fandom's Path of Defiance

(Personal fan art created by yours truly)
Occasional ideas flow once again from the depths of Real Racing 3. I can't be more happier than this when I completed the final goal of the game's newest event "Path of Defiance" which pitted me to get one of the motorsports' icons: the Mazda 787B. Just what I needed to complete my race car collections. Right now, I've made my call to skip the XJR9 event in favor of the Porsche 962C one because I kinda want to make a Taisan Starcard 962C livery whenever possible. Back to the special event, the first days were normal until I reached the sixth day where things got intense in Catalunya. But, the last two days were more forgiving than the day in question despite having a far lower PR from the recommended number.

But knowing the event's name "Path of Defiance" reminds me of something that qualified as such. No, it's not something motorsport-related sadly, but this time it's related to fandoms: there was a story where a TV show nobody would heard of blazed its way to the victory in a fandom competition, going as far as defeating 63 of the "usual suspects" in process, even managed to topple the reigning champions. To embrace such a story, one has to flashback months ago where the mentioned miracle took place: the 2017 edition of E!Online's TV's Top Couple competition.