Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Little Update

Greetings! It's been months without activity on this blog due to several things which also includes working on my final paper. While I have been active on my other blog, posting stuffs about various fandom polling competitions, there hasn't been any activity I could blog on here unfortunately, especially after leaving PC games I usually play which impacted on halted projects of mine. That goes to my pages [R]GARAGE as well as there hasn't been any activity and update for the past months. My last promise World Tournament (spoiler alert: it's actually a working title now!) hasn't been executed nicely since I ended up tweaking more things than I intended (although there are already two chapters released on my other blog), and I might restart the fic albeit in a different platform, perhaps AO3.

Furthermore, the lack of money has forced me to downscale my mobile internet subscription (even as far as going with a different provider) which resulted in resorting on weekly 24-hour quota subscriptions rather than a subscription which emphasizes on midnight browsing with its bigger quota, paired with a small amount of a 24-hour subscription with another provider as well, both are monthly basis. As a result, I dramatically change my browsing habit and slowly "leave" my motorsport ego and lean more to television fandoms, especially having engaged in daily discussions which has now been part of my agenda recently. This should explain why I didn't do a Dubai and Bathurst post for this year, let alone watching their races, and I have a feeling that I'll be missing Le Mans this year. Okay, maybe just following the live tweets and without tuning in to Radio Le Mans, perhaps I'll think what kind of plan I'd devise here since Le Mans race day is days away.

I was thinking that, with the fact that this blog being solely focused on motorsports and racing games, maybe it's time to change my direction a bit. Perhaps going more open in terms of topic selections since I have been more active in television stuffs, as in television series, rather than motorsports. I could go as far as changing the whole look of this blog which perhaps would consist of changing the background and tweaking the header image and link images (which I should've done way earlier). Slight tweaks on small bits would be expected, but that's on a random whim.

I understand that the world, especially my country, have been subject to having toxic politics being a victor on several occasions, but even if wanted to have political posts barging in here (I make more political references on Twitter than here), I said to myself "no, no political stuffs please", trying to stay out of them (which is why I don't bother to talk about the Jakarta election here). I would try to focus on stuffs other than the current divisive political wave; I've put my 2 cents on internet and television censorships before, and how a previous National Exam system created more harm than good. God knows if time could allow me to revisit those topics or I would break the mentioned rule.

Upcoming Posts

In order to rekindle activity on this blog, I came up with several posts that I would like to write. I would take a more personal approach and try to make them less TL;DR so that the posts won't be a pain in the buns to read.

Among them are the following:

A story of me finally reunited with Real Racing 3 (though not without a sacrifice), managing to enable SD Card storage for the app's data, and going on for a streak of racing car collections, ranging from the Group A monster Nissan Skyline GT-R, the Formula E trio, the Aston Martin Vantage GTE, and finally the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO, one of my first LMP cars ever (and my favorite). All in the light of the recent Le Mans 2017 update which includes the Group C cars.


Coming up: a new, 3D way to enjoy Turbo Sliders! (Image: Mike Nike)
Then, following activities in the Turbo Sliders circle once more after my hiatus on that game. Its F1 Championship has just finished, yet there have been many stuffs developed during the competition's run, one of them being Mike Nike's tool that visualizes a TSR recording to a 3D environment. This is one of the tools that I follow so much, especially with the fact that there are a couple of features I envision which will definitely make it to the final version. More on that later as I post this.

Furthermore, after seeing Gzehoo's 4K tracks made out of default tiles, I could try giving my 2 cents on his recently released track: Catalunya, and how seeing his WIPs would make me consider creating tracks with such a fashion.

(Image: Old PC Gaming)
Also on the list is a post about the PC version of Sports Car GT, one of the earliest racing simulators and the predecessor to the ever-successful rFactor. Rather than talking much about the game's history, my recent revisit to the game involved me replicating Gran Turismo 2's endurance races, thanks to the abundance of "spot-on" resources available. Days before, I tried Grand Valley 300 (a 60 lap race around Grand Valley Speedway) with the JGTC car set with both GT500 and GT300 racing altogether, with myself taking command of the ever-legendary Calsonic Skyline GT-R GT500 car in pursuit of victory amidst spin-outs and driver errors. I was thinking about replicating other races, with Trial Mountain and Laguna Seca being on the list.

Finally, there's a chance that I might cross-post something from my other blog to here, perhaps a new post (or, if you come from my other blog, the one post that I was planning to post), or a rewrite of my past posts with more personal approach and less rocket science, plus could be re-packed with a new perspective. Other than that, there will be more new random posts to come!

I wish I could write actively again here. Hopefully I will, but I can't lose ground on my real life stuffs. Maybe I'll try my best.


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