Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rendy's Car Skinning Life: EP 05 - CRAZY CHICK WITH A GT3 SKIN!

"More Wayhaught horsepower than you can fit in"
FINALLY! After learning useful techniques such as Smart Objects and Reference Point when Free Transforming, I have finally crafted what could be my first TMUF skin! It's actually 90% completion, but it shaped up nicely after spending 2 days and a half figuring out how to work the skin despite the "pain-in-the-buns" template especially when talking about the front fascia part which somehow stretches and bends whatever you put there if you don't pay attention.

After series of WIP which led me to some cases of discontinuation due to template problems (Debenhams DBR9, back when I started to skin in TMUF), HDD problems (anything 2013 and below) and lack of motivation (the FTO, among others), this has to be the most completed skin I ever worked. I felt bad that I had to go AWOL from TMUF forums for almost a year (or is it already?) just to think about my re-entry with the FTO's update, but I know that I finally overcame my problems and can have something worth introducing on my WIP thread. Tell your mothers: TheRebirth is about to reborn once more!


Based on LukaCrush3r96's McLaren MP4-12C converted from Forza Motorsport and is actually the continuation of justpseeding's MP4-12C project, the car is one of the GT3 cars in TrackMania Carpark. I created this skin as a reference to one of the most recent cravings of 2016, more on that later. Relying on original sponsors, in addition to some Ridge Racer sponsors made by Rebellion765 plus the QuanticFire logo of the Real Racing 3 fame, I'm taking an inspiration from TAKATA DOME NSX, a Super GT competitor that ran a green and white livery in 2005, the first time the name "Super GT" is used to replace the old "All-Japan GT Championship" moniker, which became an eventual base for this skin albeit the car and color differences.

The template is quite decent, especially when you find out that it is a 4096x4096 (or we could say "HD") template, double from the usual 2048x2048 template you can find in the majority of the custom cars, except that there are some problems regarding the front fascia: The middle part will stretch whatever you put onto it as the part is shrunk on the template, while the side parts are somehow asymmetrical, evident when I flipped my copied layer to the right side of the fascia and somehow the shape doesn't match the left side. Definitely, some resizing work has to be done when you try to copy the motif on your left side of the fascia to the right and vice versa. I would recommend checking out Kazama's Art GP skin of the same car to see how to deal with the mid part of the front fascia as a reference. The rest of it is normal.

Interesting enough, since it is a GT3 car, it is also possible to port this to GTR2 and rFactor since both has their respective GT3 mods already available albeit with a different template which is miles better than what the TMUF version offered. Although that both games lack Alpha Channel requirements, I'm pretty sure that I can have a way to make this work should the porting commence.

The next thing that I'll be doing after this will be some sponsor refining, some Alpha Channel polishing, the window banner, tire stencils, brake calipers, and wheel colors. I am now left with a breather workload as this skin is close to 100%.


Like it or not, this skin is part of the World Fandom Championship project I have introduced in the last blog post. Since it's related to the World Fandom Championship project, anything that belongs to the project must have a background that can reference the fandom it is based on, whether it's a TV fandom, movie fandom, or others. Based on which genre the fandom belongs, the teams are categorized into six classes ranging from Class 1 to Class 6, which in order are Comedy, Teen, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Drama, Animated, and... Fashion (that one's complex...). Beside that, expect a load of sponsors that are filled with references to lots of things.

The first team  Emily Andras Racing Project (name still in works), shortened as EARP, is a newly-founded racing team by Emily Andras*, the former team executive of Doccubus Valkyrion Racing (the WFC universe's Docomo Dandelion Racing), responsible for bringing her former team in an equal footing to the top teams in the Class 3 category during her role in 2012. Based on her hard-earned experience throughout the team's all-time high, Emily founded the team after leaving her seat in her former team. Shortly after the new team's announcement, the team also bonded with Wayhaught Corporation, Canadian automotive parts company specializing in safety equipments which is the project's equivalent to TAKATA (recall scandal not included, bitches).

For their debut season in WFC, the team runs a 2014-spec McLaren MP4-12C due to its "newcomer" status, in which the regulation rougly states that any newcomer team of the season may start with cars that are at least one year old, sort like FIA WEC's GTE-Am rule. I was thinking that either this chassis was the former Doccubus Valkyrion chassis or that it was a used chassis somewhere, because I had to keep this in mind: all teams in WFC cannot use Works cars in order to keep things equal, and teams cannot be a Works Customer team (but I wasn't quite sure about that so yeah...), so there's a one-year gap for all teams in using the cars for the competition.

Affectionately, this car is called the Wayhaught EARP MP4-12C, now that is an "in-your-face", full-on Wynonna Earp reference running a 2 year-old McLaren GT3. Actually, you should found this out earlier as you saw the pictures, but nevertheless, that's that. The fact that it's shortened EARP brings up a fridge logic of its own since Emily Andras is the showrunner of Wynonna Earp and "Racing Project" goes well enough to complete the reference-ridden name. Wayhaught itself meanwhile is a pairing name for Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught, and somehow they make safety accessories in WFC, as in race-approved seatbelts et cetera.

Other seen sponsors, starting from the front, include Rumplestilt, a tire supplier based on Bridgestone and Rumplestiltskin, Bakuryu, inspired by the Bakutotsu logo on Ridge Racer series and is a reference to a Bloody Roar series character of the same name, and Matula Oil, which would make you wonder what if a soap opera entity owns a Motul-sized oil company. On the sides, you can see Ridge Racer's Arkbird (Rebellion's work right there), Nelza, QuanticFire, Bloomington's (Bloomingdale's says hi), and Seongmina (Oh hello there, Samsung!), while the rest is all the same. In the end, it's a mix of video game, movie, and TV references.

Wynonna Earp is undeniably one of the 2016 cravings for TV, as far as the positive vindication of the fandom is concerned. The show has been described as "Supernatural with crazy chicks with a gun minus the road trip," and believe it or not after watching the trailer reel of the series, the urge to binge the series is strong. Apparently, I've been binging series lately, and the show is definitely on the list of my binge list although I haven't started it yet. Combined with my recent tendencies to create Ridge Racer-styled skins with TV references thrown in, it's no secret that I had a strong thought to make Team Wynonna Earp happen in GT3 form.

And speaking of Ridge Racer style, why for some reason the skin reminds me of RR6/RR7 Assoluto Bisonte? Eh, maybe it's just me...

So one skin down and a hundred to go. It's still a very long way to make the project official, but in the meantime, I kept investing on fictional logos. I'm sure I still have lots of WIPs in mind, whatever the game is. The only way to create yet another WFC team would be binge-watching a random show, or at least obsessing about it. That way, I can make ideas.

* = Trust me, it's still in works and it will be based on Emily Andras. Now, leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!


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