Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We Stand for the World

Saddening day it was. Lots of innocent lives were lost, and it is unknown if there would be more (please don't).

The Parisian terrorist attacks took place with hundreds killed and the other hundreds hostaged. But there WERE more beyond the headlines: there were a series of bombings in Beirut which took place days before Paris, and a bomb that went off at a wedding funeral in Baghdad, among others, that did NOT make it to the headlines.

It doesn't matter if it is Paris or not, but think about how many innocent lives were lost in those events. The best we can do is to stand up and pray that one day terrorism acts like these would stop and end for good, because all that matters now is a peaceful world that INCLUDES all sides of the region.

Once again, if you think Paris is the only one you pray for, please consider praying for Beirut and Baghdad too, for them to have your prayers by their side in their hardest times, because we all suffer as a whole. But please note that when prayers aren't the way it should, hopes and/or even actions can help them for better.


Thank you Karuna Ezara Parikh on Facebook for the additional strong quote that inspired me to create my digital art piece!

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