Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hi-v Fandom @ Animaku no Hibi 3, or how to tingle my otaku-ness inside.

Finally after all that confusion and delay, I've finally here at last, bringing you the newest share of yours truly. This time, I will tell my experiences about me attending "Animaku no Hibi 3: Fuuto no Kaze" at Kampus STAN in Bintaro, Jakarta (25th March 2012)


It was actually well-planned: Me and my otaku friends (from 10th and 11th Grade, no otakus seen from 12th Grade except ME) were planning about with what we will get there, and the submission ticket is only IDR 5000 (less than a dollar). Days later, we finally get there soon and it doesn't take longer than half an hour to get there, but it's worth it.

Selling: Merchandises.
STAN's Animaku no Hibi event is, to be honest, your ordinary otaku event where there's a lot of hobby store branches, snack stands, and live J-musics put together into one. What I was looking for is a Gunpla: A plastic model of Gundam. Out of my expectations though, there's only one Gunpla sold there. Even worse, it's a Tieren High-Mobility Type from Gundam 00 which means that it's not on my favorites' list (shoot, should I go to "that" place again?).

The snack stands though, their snacks are definitely worth of trying! There are lots of food stands there if you want to take a glimpse of Japanese snacks like Takoyaki (octopus balls), Okonomiyaki (Japan's equivalent of pancake with a variety of topping), Kakigori (shaved ice with syrup), Dorayaki (a cake that's very popular because of Doraemon), and more.

Speaking of competitions, there are many: one of them is a Dorayaki eating contest where you have to eat five Dorayakis within three minutes. The fastest to eat all of the Dorayakis from left to right wins. One of my friend DID joined, but he DIDN'T win, but who cares?

In the end, you can find several J-merchandises here. They're ranged from your favorite characters to your favorite characters, like Miku, Dragonball Z, One Piece, and so on. You can also buy past issues of a specific anime magazine there.


Yes, in fact, most of these cosplayers choose Tokusatsu characters, notably from Kamen Rider series. The Cosplay competition is held at 1pm, exactly after the Otaku Quiz competition. Here are some of the contestants in action.

That Rider beat a crap outta that green villain

The Green villain's counterattack!
Yet there are cosplayers who take Game and Anime characters, the most notable is being this one:

This Ezria Erza Scarlett cosplay, albeit the revealing appearance, is definitely one of the best.
Seriously, it embraces her true self.

And we aren't forget to have a chance to take pics with the cosplayers!

The guy with the plan (right), a Rider, and a...?

"Nah, I don't care if you're a Green Villain."

"This blade is so great, I'd like to steal it from you"

The only non-Rider cosplayer whose pic made it to here


Although the event itself is a run-of-the-mill Japanese Festival, but the climax lies in its nighttime events, where there were fireworks and stuff. Yet, we couldn't watch that because we had time constraints, and we had to finish our businesses for the day after (guess what). Though it was fun, and if there's an invitation to join a J-Fest again, I would love to. No wonder that I do have an otaku self lying within me.

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