Saturday, May 14, 2016

RENDY'S BLOG... ger's Block.

Oh shee, here come dat picture, again! (Image: Psych Central)

Actually, this is just a short, random post that explains why I haven't blogged past two months. Real Life has been keeping me away from blogging here, and the fact that I brought my brother's laptop, which is infamously slow when surfing the internet although gifted with good specs like Core i5 processor, Radeon VGA, and all that stuff, made everything worse. Although I have to say I am still actively involved with fandom stuffs: I wrote a piece of Zimbio TV Couples' March Challenge, the one where Clarke Griffin and Lexa from The 100 won, on my LiveJournal, and also the "cry-post" about the absence of Fandom Steel Cage March Madness for this year, rendering all my horses for the competition of course obsolete. Later on I would spill my recap for this year's E! Online's Top TV Couple although there still isn't any sign of both a winner's interview and a "ranking" post like last year until now.

If you're curious what I would post next, the next post would be a sign of celebration after Rio Haryanto, Indonesia's first ever Formula 1 driver, got signed by Manor, along with Pascal Wehrlein. As an Indonesian motorsport fan like others who wished that Indonesia will have its F1 driver someday, I'm very thankful, and yes I support him and understood his career before F1 (from lower Asian Formula to GP2). Unfortunately, researching for stuffs with a slow laptop while accessing internet grew a Blogger's Block in me, hurdling my writing in process. That, combined with the fact that I was focusing on my internship stuff too much, it has gone into climax mode. As a result, I ended up digesting fandom stuffs instead as it was trending.

At the same time, I prioritized too much on that post that I couldn't able to post everything that has happened, starting from how the progress of the three Prototypes and Dubai Autodrome in Turbo Sliders right now, and other random stuffs, including posting something that would trigger Indonesians (read: Indonesian internet dramas and moral panics) like how childish the Indonesian Children Protection Commission (KPAI) is when they abused the power to block certain video games after defending their fuck logic so hard, they walked out from a mediation attempt, a carbon-copy to how Tiffy Sembiring blocked Reddit, Vimeo and co. except Tiffy just went into the action. I always have tendencies to focus too much on one thing that I forgot another or two apparently, though I will employ a new strategy where I will just have to blog my hearts out without having to focus too much on one particular post, now that the post, contextually, has become past overdue.

Since I went AWOL on this blog though, I've been drawn into new stuffs, First off, creating a new batch of cars and tracks for Turbo Sliders to make up the lateness of the aforementioned content. Although I'm not planning to release them ASAP, but somehow I have a thinking that what if I release the cars in a corresponding pack. For example, modern LMP2s, mid-2000s LMP1 and classic LMPs. Currently, though, I've been making a bunch of mid-2000s GT2 cars starting from Panoz Esperante GTLM, Spyker Laviolette C8 GT2-R, and Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (996) (pics will come soon on the next post), which should make up a pack full of mid-2000s Le Mans grid, should I also make more GT1s, LMP1s, and LMP2s from that era, so I might bundle the Audi R10 TDI with those GT2s and Aston Martin DBR9 which would result in DBR9's download dissolving into a Le Mans Series pack. Second, I've been listening to Motorsport 101 podcast, which also featured my favorite Adam Johnson from Team Bombersports. Since the Rio Haryanto episode, I'm kinda getting into the podcast and now I'm enjoying it as ever, so shout out to Andre Harrison and co. for putting out this great podcast! Finally, among others, is my re-growing interest on Dekotora, Japanese decorated trucks. Since listening to countless beautiful Enka songs of Hiroshi Kitaoka and friends, I always remind myself that my interest to cars will always go beyond Grand Tourers and Prototypes, and it's no secret that I would always associate Enka songs with Dekotora because... well, what goes with Dekotora better than traditional Enka songs? I could blog about them real soon while finishing up that one celebratory post because that post will now become a mega project.

To end this post, I would like to remind to all you readers that my blog (yes, this blog) will never be on par with Linda Ikeji's blog in terms of content. I've seen an article of how her blog has become Nigeria's most popular blog despite less-than-impressive design (before she eventually changed the design, when she had a ".blogspot" name before this), and with my Blogger's Block taking its toll on me, I might never have this blog go on the same footing as hers. I thought that writing "My Blog is No Better Than Linda Ikeji's" on a blackboard would help but that would be too harsh. Other than that, I will try to post some random articles like usual, but the mega project blog will be something that goes along within this photo snippet...

Until then, I'll be back. Don't know when, hopefully not too long though...


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