Saturday, July 19, 2014

Where the F is GARAGE[R] this Ramadan?

There hasn't been any post since the last post of the three-part series named "Is Indonesia Humiliating Itself?", and that I promised you a recap of this year's Le Mans 24 Hours ASAP, even to the point that it would exactly be posted the same date as the previous year's recap. Yes, the one I almost had an amnesia moment with. However, you readers might be wondering why there hasn't been any post for the past one month, let alone a Le Mans recap. The answer is simple: real life, but once again we can't be bothered with too generic reasons that the answer should be VERY specific...

The real reason of why GARAGE[R] hasn't had any activity for the past month deals with my college life, more exactly one of my modules in which the final test is to make a working application and a report of the said application, also called as "Software Engineering" in short. All of my time was distributed into coding a software that can work, any software sans games. Web-based applications are also acceptable as with Java ones, which sums up the majority of what my college mates were making.

The coding is made with what I could call it as "1000 considerations" in which I had to LITERALLY find a working system as a reference for my application only to find out that the codes, when implemented into mine, didn't work well. Not only that, I also spent lots of time tweaking the application's graphical interface (read: CSS styles) before I code the functions and all the blahs, only to find out that this little application doesn't work well, even as an "application". However, my lecturer said that if the application doesn't work, a complete report would save me from getting a "C", at least I don't have to repeat all the fiasco for the next year and a "B" is more than enough to save yourself from that.

My vain attempt at doing a web application

The subsequent impact is obviously readable: cannot work on game add-ons, cannot continue my skinning venture (even my Trophee Xsara car is still on hold, plus I'm considering to make another set of WIPs as a "reservation" so that no one creates the same skin as I do), even cannot make up what to write for my Le Mans race recap. The only things that stand between me and my vain web platform using RAD programming attempt are the World Cup (which ended already with Der Panzers become the champion), The International 4 (which I try to enjoy DoTA 2 as an e-sport), Emmy Awards (scratch this, I see no Tatiana Maslany!), and... Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week (is this worth mentioning? Oh shit, this model made me...). As time flies by, I had worked on my report, and I guarantee that this semester wouldn't be another trainwreck unlike the last one.

Also on the subsequent impact list is how I can't update my Livejournal to recap this year's Critic's Choice Awards, in which this year one of my favorite actresses Tatiana Maslany won the category of Best Actress in Drama Series, not to mention that the Netflix show Orange is The New Black is starting to be like Audi R18 e-tron quattro in Le Mans with its joyous year, winning categories, as a show and as an individual (for its actors and actresses). Why I compare both is because both are special: the former is because it's aired on Netflix, a web service for watching favorite series (and Indonesians be like "WTF is Netflix?"); the latter is because it's a Hybrid, a victorious one. The similarities between Netflix and Hybrid LMPs is beyond me, but they do represent the "new generations" of their respective ventures. For my tumblr, I managed to reblog one or two posts and view some of the... posts, doing a duty of a silent reader.

In the end, as I have approximately two months before the next semester comes, I could spend my time on making stuffs that should've been finished earlier than they should, plus be able to do some active blogging activities, including the Le Mans recap. Though my monthly internet quota would be "doubled" as in "running out 11GB worth of quota faster than a month and buy another 11GB" because of The International 4, I guess it's going to be another spectacular moment of 2014 nevertheless. Hopefully I could recap Le Mans like last year and continue creating stuffs like I usually do!

(source: Motor Authority)

Like I said, recap of 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours will come ASAP.


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